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8 Jan 2009, 08:30
Most South Africans are familiar with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) with Bishop Desmond Tutu as it's chairman.

We have all heard about the 'atrocities' that were committed by the Apartheid Regime. The Sharpville 'massacre' comes to mind where 'innocent' protesting blacks were 'gunned down'. Some of us have seen the 'facts' portrayed in fairly recent movies which for instance shows a white policemen hanging out of the window of a Mercedes being driven by a fellow policemen and shooting a black schoolboy trying to run away. Those evil, evil whites!

But was it really that 'bad'? Do we really know how many millions of innocent blacks were killed under Apartheid?

It seems we do and the source is none other than an investigation that was done by the HRC (Human Right Commission) and submitted as evidence to the TRC in 1997!

The statistics as to the number of blacks that were killed where for the years 1948 up to the election in 1994 and the total number of blacks killed were 21 000. Ouch! Quite a number!

But that's not really it! The report makes a distinction between two periods. One from 1948 till 1989 and then the next from 1990 up to the election in 1994.
And the number killed for the period from 1948 until 1989 is 7 000. Where as the number killed from 1990 to 1994 a whopping 14 000! Which means that during the Apartheid reign of 41 years, 7 000 died compared to double the amount of dead in just 4 years! So more blacks were killed under De Klerk's 'new' anti-Apartheid government of 4 years than in 41 years of government under Apartheid!

But that's not all folks! Of the 14 000 killed during the 4 years it came out in the report that 92% were caused by blacks killing blacks! Only 5.6% were attributed to the Security Forces at the time.

So the numbers in short:

1948 - 1989: 7 000
1990 - 1994: 14 000 (of which 92% as a result of 'black-on-black' violence)

Not sure what the % is for 'black-on-black' violence during the period of 1948 - 1989 but I guess it won't be unreasonable to say that it was probably just as high!

Now what about the government under Nelson Mandela and the ANC? How about a record number of 174 220 for the years 1994 till 2000 a period of just 6 years! Not to mention the last 8 years!

It is absolutely clear from these statistics that the Apartheid years does not even come close to what's happening today under the ANC government. Truth speaks for it self although many people choose to ignore it!

So what was bad under Apartheid? Was it the fact that the average life expectancy of a black increased from 38 to about 64 for the years 1948 until 1994, not to mention the decrease in infant deaths during that time? And what about education?

Well it seems in this political correct world of ours, facts does not matter any more and as they say, history is written by those in control!





8 Jan 2009, 10:18
Marco, mag ek hierdie draad op facebook gaan plaas asb?

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Marco, mag ek hierdie draad op facebook gaan plaas asb?

Geen probleem! Maak net seker die links aan die einde van die bladsy is ook duidelik aangesien die inligting vandaar af kom!